St Petersburg Nano-Arthroscopy Surgery

Nano-Arthroscopy Surgery in St Petersburg

Treating patients diagnosed with conditions such as cartilage damage and arthritis has never been this easy and convenient. With nano arthroscopic surgery, or simply just nano-arthroscopy—we can facilitate full visualization of the joint and tissues surrounding the areas you are having problems with. Using our cutting-edge nano-arthroscopy, we can provide patients with a same-day diagnosis.

Before, procedures like this could take a while. Even diagnosing your condition could take hours—even days. Now, with the help of innovation and our skilled specialists, problems with your joints, cartilage, and other areas can be quickly visualized to find out what issues you are experiencing. And with that being said, fixing the problem is also faster than ever.

What is Nano-Arthroscopy?

Nano-Arthroscopy is a procedure doctors use to look at and diagnose people’s problems with their joints and soft tissue. It is a minor surgery you can get to treat joint inflammation, injured joints, or damaged joints due to old age, arthritis, and excessive use.

An arthroscopy can be done on any joint. But it is typically done on the shoulder, knee, wrist, hip, or ankle. Our orthopedic surgeons will insert a tool called a nano-arthroscope into your joint, which will go through several micro-cuts. Don’t worry; because of our high-end nanotechnology, the arthroscope can fit small cuts and is also used to repair some injuries during the procedure.

Before this technology came to life, surgeons used to rely on X-ray images, MRI images, and anatomical descriptions to somewhat illustrate the damage to your joint—which don’t only take a lot of time but will also not be as accurate as using an arthroscope.

Before nano-arthroscopies were a thing, a simple arthroscopy would involve a team of specialists collaborating to get the best outcome. However, now with our high-tech instruments like the nanoscope, treating your joints has become much quicker to complete and will not need as many people to work on it.


How Can Nano-Arthroscopy Ease My Situation?

Our nano-arthroscopy technology enables our professional orthopedic surgeons to use advanced techniques that can help reduce the risks of damage caused by soft tissues and joints. You can get these procedures done in a comfortable location without going to the ER, like our offices.

Without the use of this technology, many inconveniences can occur. You can get stuck waiting for hours in the emergency room if it is not a life-and-death situation—leaving you with nothing but hours of discomfort. However, with this innovative invention, you can skip waiting times. Patients who are having a very hard time because of their chronic pains and patients who are suffering from joint pain like chronic arthritis can easily get diagnosed and treated. Here are some of the benefits of nano-arthroscopy:

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You Get to See The Damaged Joint

With a traditional MRI and X-ray, you wouldn’t be able to see what a specialist sees. But with nano-arthroscopy, patients now see their damaged joints and cartilage with real-time high-definition images. The surgeons can now explain what to expect using helpful, high-quality visual aids. Doctors can accurately fix these damages in one session, thanks to high-powered sensors and LED lighting. The outcome will be much more accurate than traditional joint treatment procedures.


Patients Can Now Make Easier Decisions

With high-quality images to show patients, doctors can now explain different options on how the patients want to move forward towards the progression of these joint and cartilage damage. Patients before them couldn’t make these decisions clearly because they could not decide on something they were unfamiliar with, especially if there were no clear images to show. Now, patients can always make better decisions on how to move forwards with the treatment, giving them safer options.


No More Waiting in Line

Nano-Arthroscopy is like getting an MRI. The only difference is that with our cutting-edge technology here at Regenesis Ortho, you can skip the long lines at the hospital. With just one visit, our trusted orthopedic surgeons can take a look at the damage, give you an accurate diagnosis, and provide you with the needed treatment and medicine—giving you a significant leap towards recovery.

Nano-Arthroscopy Treatments

Some of the most common nano-arthroscopy treatments include:


Knee Treatment

Knee pain has many causes. Many athletes or active people have more knee problems due to arthritis, sports, and other unforeseen events that can damage the knee, such as accidents and sports injuries. Although surgery isn’t always the solution, knowing that you can use nano-arthroscopy to treat these joints is an option that can be a relief. But because knee treatment and procedures can get complicated depending on the injury, it is best to visit an expert to diagnose your knee issues accurately and provide the treatment it needs.


TFCC Tears on Wrist

One of the most common procedures we offer using our cutting-edge nano-arthroscopic technology is wrist injuries or TFCC tears. Tearing this tissue causes a lot of pain and limits your wrist rotation and basic movements. If you have experienced this, visiting us is your best bet to get it treated quickly with Nano-Arthroscopy. With its precision, you can expect a faster and more effective recovery.


Shoulder Injury

Just like the knee, shoulder, and joint injuries can get complicated if not treated right. Without wasting a lot of time, you can skip the MRI and X-ray and go straight to a more effective solution like nano-arthroscopy. Like treating the wrist and knee, our technology also works on the shoulders and other joints.


What to Expect During The Surgery?


The surgery is performed in a hospital, outpatient operating room, or office setting.

You will receive anesthesia in most cases, so the doctors can insert the nano-arthroscope through a tiny incision near the joint.

When preparing for the procedure, the doctor must know what medications and vitamins you are taking. You should also leave your valuables at home and at least wear comfy clothes if you have a scheduled procedure.



A Note by Regenesis Orthopedics

At Regenesis Orthopedics, we boast a team of qualified practitioners dedicated to offering the best orthopedic care you can access. In addition, we’ll help you regain a healthy, pain-free lifestyle from surgical procedures to physical therapy. Contact us today to book an appointment!

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