Pellecome – Hormone Replacement Therapy

What is Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy?

Hormones control many of the body’s functions, so hormone imbalances can cause a number of health problems, such as disruption to your immune system, digestion and mood. Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) by Regenesis Orthopedics is a cutting-edge new treatment that may relieve symptoms of hormone-related conditions with fewer side effects than traditional hormone therapy.

BHRT is made from plant estrogens, which have the same chemical structure as the hormones the body makes naturally. Because of this, BHRT is believed to be safer and to come with fewer side effects than traditional hormone replacement therapy. Some orthopedic patients can benefit from the bone-strengthening effect of BHRT. Hormone replacement therapy can reduce the risk of diabetes and cataracts, improve mood and sleep and make it easier to lose weight. Some patients also experience cosmetic benefits, like improved skin elasticity and fewer wrinkles.

What Is The Difference Between Bio-Identical and Traditional Hormone Replacement Therapy?

Traditional hormone replacement therapy uses synthetic hormones to rebalance hormone levels. Usually, this is used to manage menopause symptoms, including bone loss and osteoporosis. Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy uses plant hormones instead. Because they’re more natural, BHRT providers believe that they are both safer and more effective. BHRT is a relatively new treatment, but research has found that women have both better quality of life and fewer serious side effects with BHRT than with traditional hormone therapy.

Regardless of the type, hormone replacement therapy has potentially serious side effects, including increased risk of stroke, heart disease and breast cancer. This means that Dr. Ragsdell will carefully consider your personal and family history of these conditions along with your bone health before deciding to prescribe BHRT. Some people experience unpleasant but less serious side effects with BHRT specifically, such as bloating, fatigue and mood swings. However, most patients see these symptoms improve over time as their bodies become accustomed to the hormones.

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How do orthopedic doctors use BHRT?

BHRT can help prevent bone loss and osteoporosis, which can improve any orthopedic condition. There’s also some evidence that the therapy can prevent osteoarthritis and joint pain, especially in older women. Since these are the same hormones your body makes naturally, BHRT therapy is a way to support your body as it heals itself. Improving your hormone balance can improve sleep and reduce fatigue. This can give you more energy, which will make it easier to keep up with an exercise routine. BHRT can also make it easier to lose weight. Both can be a non-invasive way to improve many orthopedic illnesses and injuries.

Bio-identical hormones can be manufactured by drug companies or made to a doctor’s specifications at a compounding pharmacy. Regenesis Orthopedics is a certified provider of Pellecome BHRT. Pellecome’s hormone therapy product is a pellet, which is a small piece about the size of a grain of rice. Dr. Ragsdell will insert these pellets under the skin, where they’ll deliver the appropriate dose of hormones over several months. This is a convenient option for patients, since you won’t need to manage the pills, patches or creams that other hormone therapies come in. Once your dosage is finalized, you’ll need to have the pellet changed a few times a year, and then you’ll be free to forget about it until your next appointment.

  • Lower Visceral & Subcutaneous Fat (1)
  • Increase Libido & Sexual Performance (1,2)
  • Increase Muscle Size & Strength (2)
  • Increase Energy (1)
  • Increase Bone Density (1)
  • Increase Coronary Blood Flow (3)

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"Dr. Ragsdell and his team at Regenesis Orthopedics are truly incredible at what they do. I've been battling with an old shoulder injury that nobody could help me remedy, leading to posture and neck pain. Thanks to Dr. Ragsdell's stellar expertise, I was saved from surgery and painfully dragged out treatments. Extremely knowledgeable, experienced, friendly, and has a lovely staff that makes things happen quickly. Reliable, professional, and gets the right things done to solve issues. Highly recommended and I can't thank Regenesis enough."

– Debbie Fassler

"Would recommend this practice to anyone looking for Orthopedic help. Dr. Ragsdell explained everything in a manner I could understand. 100% improvement with my knee. His staff also top notch. So glad I found them."

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