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People are living longer than ever thanks to medical advances that have made it possible to save lives, repair injuries, and fix congenital conditions in ways never possible before.

However, longer lives also mean a greater probability of acquiring chronic diseases and developing age-related illnesses. The onset of chronic medical conditions or injuries is often a long-term sentence since the damage stays for good. For example, these issues result in permanent scarring of heart tissue after a heart attack, diabetes-led beta cell dysfunction, or a spinal cord injury from a sports mishap.

Regenerative medicine is a genius innovation in biotechnology that provides significant medical advantages and care to patients. Usually, when people get hurt and their tissues or bones break (fracture, stitches, and others), their bodies can naturally heal. However, some people have conditions like diabetes and other diseases with similar properties that become a hurdle in the healing process.

Regenerative medicine helps such patients with a wide range of practices. Let’s explore these in further detail.

Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative medicine is an emerging field of medicine that finds ways to replace, engineer, and regenerate organs and tissues that have been damaged by injuries, trauma, diseases, or congenital issues. The concept behind it is to treat conditions and illnesses at the first stage and halt disease growth.

This allows the human body to fight diseases at the very first stage instead of battling symptoms and disease consequences. It differs from currently practiced clinical methods focusing on treating symptoms.

Regenerative medicine combines chemistry, biology, computer science, bioengineering, genetics technology, medicine, and robotics to enhance cellular therapies, tissue engineering, artificial organs, and medical devices. The state-of-the-art technology and latest practices amplify the natural healing process of the human body.

The human body has an automatic healing system that gets activated when invaded by disease. Scientists and researchers exploit this ability through clinical methods. It may seem like some hyper-technology from the future, but it is here and showing promising results.


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Regenerative Medicine – A Brief Overview of its History

People widely believe that the term “Regenerative Medicine” was used in 1999 at a conference by the biotech entrepreneur and author “William a. Heseltine.” If we look for the roots, in the 1990s, Dr. Leland Kaiser explained, using a new technology called “Regenerative medicine,” which will bring new hopes to humankind by bringing cures to places where congenital medicine fails.

However, subfields like artificial organs and biotechnology are not so new. They have been in the industry for a considerable time now.


The Focus of Regenerative Medicine – A Healthier You, Faster!

Primarily, regenerative medicine concentrates on the following fields:

Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering

One of the reasons for the popularity of regenerative medicine is tissue engineering and biomaterials. Tissue engineering is a process in which biological scaffolds are implanted where new tissues will form.

The scaffold can be in particular geometric shapes as tissues. It attracts the new tissue cells that are generating, creating the desired tissue in the damaged area. The new tissues can also be converted to functional engineered tissues.

Compared to other health and medicinal fields, tissue engineering is relatively new and requires much more research. Millions of people have been treated with tissue engineering. The most common success stories are from patients with soft tissue regeneration.


Artificial Organs and Medical Devices

Regenerative medicine also includes the usage of medical devices and artificial organs. When an organ fails or does not work correctly, the patient can receive another organ from a donor. However, the challenge is ensuring the availability of donor organs and the need for immunosuppression drugs.

In some cases, the window is short for donor organ transplants. Luckily, the revolution in technology has enabled us to support circulation. Technologies like ventricular assist devices (VADs) can provide extended circulation support for operations like a heart transplant.

Moreover, the research on artificial organs is ongoing. Scientists are working on artificial lungs, kidneys, hearts, and other human organs.


Cellular Therapies

The human body consists of millions of adult stems; the purpose of these cells is to auto-repair the damage in the human body. Research shows that stem cells from the human body can be used to reconstruct damaged tissue.

Stem cells can be extracted from:

  1. Fat
  2. Bone marrow
  3. Dental pulp
  4. Blood
  5. Skeletal muscles
  6. Cord blood

Stem cell harvesting and injections are an area of interest for scientists looking to cure various diseases and conditions.


What are the Benefits of Regenerative Medicine?

Stem cell and artificial organ technology have proved to be pioneering modern medical technology and making health recovery accessible to everyone. Regenerative medicine offers the following advantages.

Faster Healing

Regenerative medicine can help patients heal faster than clinical practices. The stem cells are platelet-rich plasma (PRP) that can help recover injured tissues and diseases. However, you should expect the treatment to take a few weeks to show results. This method works best with physical therapies.


Sometimes Surgery is Avoided

Stem cells injection can avoid painful and time-taking surgeries. For example, the surgery can take hours with adding medicines, cutting, and stitching, while the simple addition of stem cells can pace the recovery.


Avoid Anesthesia

Traditional methods include ultrasound devices, X-rays, numbness injections, and anesthesia for operations. However, there is no need for anesthesia in Regenerative medicine. You can use pain medication and discuss the treatment plan with your doctor to see the results of stem treatment and PRP.


Minimum Recovery Time

Patients can have insignificant side effects which can not disturb their daily routine. People often take time to return to their lives after the operation. In contrast, with Regenerative medicine, patients can recover faster and return to normal.


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Regenerative medicine offers a whole new set of advantages, and it has changed the way of traditional treatment. As a result, more and more people are willing to try regenerative medicine. It is best to trust the professionals and industry experts in this case.

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