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Are you suffering from severe shoulder pain from end-stage arthritis or a serious shoulder injury? A St. Petersburg orthopedic specialist can reduce or eliminate pain and restore functionality.

Over 53,000 people in the United States have shoulder replacement surgery each year. Most of these are seniors aged 60 and above.

If you are having persistent shoulder pain or severe loss of mobility in your shoulder, shoulder replacement is a highly successful option you should consider. Here’s a few things you should know before you opt for shoulder replacement surgery.

When Is a Shoulder Replacement Done?

Shoulder replacement is recommended when conservative treatments such as medication, exercise, and therapy are not effective.

Since shoulder pain is usually caused by worn-out parts of the joint rubbing against each other, replacing them is often a permanent solution that offers pain relief and restores mobility.

You might need a shoulder replacement if:


  • You suffer from shoulder arthritis—this is when your immune system attacks your joints, causing pain and inflammation.
  • You have been diagnosed with avascular necrosis/osteonecrosis, which is when a shoulder bone joint’s blood supply is cut off, resulting in bone collapse, injury and discomfort.
  • You have severe osteoarthritis, which is wear and strain on the cartilage that cushions bones. It is most common among the elderly.
  • Your shoulder discomfort is so bad that you can’t even get dressed or stretch your arm without difficulty.
  • You have a problem with your shoulder, such as a lack of mobility or a broken bone.
  • Despite your efforts at non-surgical treatments, the pain in your shoulder joint ‌‌persists.
  • You’ve already undergone fracture repair or surgery, such as arthroscopic or rotator cuff repair, which did not ease your issues.

After the Shoulder Replacement Surgery

You’ll spend one night in the hospital following surgery to ensure that your pain is under control and that you’re in a stable condition before you’re allowed to leave the hospital.

You will also be assigned a physical therapist at the hospital. Your therapist will teach you how to perform special exercises at home to aid recovery and restore both strength and a full range of motion.

During your recovery, make sure you:


  • Avoid lifting anything heavy for at least two weeks.
  • Resume active arm movement within the pain threshold.
  • Avoid putting your arm in odd situations for the first six weeks after surgery.

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What Happens During a Shoulder Replacement Surgery?

If you experience any of the symptoms mentioned above, schedule an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon. They will perform a physical examination, do a thorough review of your medical history, and take a set of X-rays to figure out the root cause of your problem.

Based on the evaluation results, here’s what to expect before, during, and after surgery:

Before the Shoulder Replacement Surgery

During your appointment, the orthopedic physician will inquire about the degree of your shoulder pain. They will take a series of X-rays to see whether there are any bone spurs or injuries to the joints, which will help them to find out the source of the pain.

The surgeon will advise you on the next best course of action based on this information.

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During the Shoulder Replacement Surgery

If your orthopedic surgeon determines that‌ you require surgery, they will schedule it in advance unless it’s an emergency.

Keep in mind that you cannot eat or drink anything after midnight on the day before your operation. You must also adhere to all the pre-op guidelines provided.

The surgery to replace your shoulder will take about two hours. You will receive an anesthetic, and you can choose to remain ‌conscious or go under during the procedure.

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